Apple Fixes iMessages→

Scott Forstall:

“We’re unifying your phone number and your Apple ID,” said iOS guru Scott Forstall at WWDC today. “So if someone calls you on your phone number with a FaceTime call, you can answer the call on your iPad or even your Mac. And we’re doing the exact same thing with iMessage.”

Great move.

I’m almost certain that Forstall reads Daring Fireball, but I’m equally sure that my post that Gruber linked had nothing to do with this.

It was just the obvious thing to do.

I wonder if they were waiting on the new notification center and the (presumed) APIs to get rid of notifications across devices once they’ve been addressed.

If every time I open my Mac I’m greeted with all of my SMS conversations from the day, that will make me stabby.

posted Friday, June 15, 2012